Thursday, February 23, 2017

The question of an alliance with Mitsubishi, It Said Global Boss Datsun

Nissan recently has entered into an alliance with Mitsubishi. What influence to Datsun as a car brand under the umbrella of Nissan Motor Company?
"I think it is very premature to talk about it (collaboration Datsun and Mitsubishi in developing new products). But for the early stages, form (the Alliance) is behind the scenes. Maybe in logistics, in human resources. If for products, it is very early to talk about it now, "said Global Head of Datsun Jose Roman told reporters in the area of Sudirman, Jakarta. Roman before tackling the Datsun Nissan graduated already. From his experience at Nissan, Roman viewed many forms alliance with Renault. Therefore, do not cover the possibility of a similar Alliance will also be interlaced with Mitsubishi. "That obviously, we did a lot of working behind the scenes. For example, in human resources, in logistics, in the purchase and others. Of course with so we are more efficient, "said Roman. "But in the market, we (Nissan and Renault) competed. We are competitors. So here's the challenge because our alliances, but ultimately we competed in the field, "he said

Monday, February 13, 2017

Oil Palm Mills Studied Lubricants

PT Pertamina Lubricants to give training to Palm oil manufacturer PT Bumitama Agro Gunajaya (BGA Group). Training that addresses the problem of analysis of lubricant (oil analysis) and knowledge of lubrication.
In a release received detikOto, Friday (11/8/2017), this training is delivered by the technical specialist from the Integrated Lubrication Management Academy (ILMA) belong to Pertamina. Oil analysis is checking the condition of the lubricant being used. As a check on human blood, oil analysis can provide information of the condition of the machine and the system/equipment abnormality in the form data. BGA group also studied the question of lubricants and lubrication systems. In addition, the question of the application of lubricant per equipment such as application on engines, hydraulic, transmission, and so on. "Currently the focus group put large BGA against industry upstream and was present as a whole to support the national needs in various regions of Indonesia such as in West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and Riau," said Commercial Logistic Group Purchasing Department Head Johan Puspowidjono. Johan says BGA Group has 13 Mill factory pengelolahaan Palm, and always continue to innovate and find a strategic partner to support the cost efficiency of the highest quality. One of them is with the use of top quality lubricants for its operational activities. "In addition to raising oil palm industry both nationally and internationally, BGA group also supports the welfare of the local community development partnership with Plasma palm oil plantations," said Johan. This cooperation a long-term strategic steps PT Pertamina Lubricants support the needs of the consumer industry. Cooperation is also the commitment to support industry growth pengelolahan oil palm in Indonesia. Currently, Indonesia has become the largest palm oil producer in the world. It is a great challenge to build indonesia's economy in rapid development of the global economy today. Pertamina Lubricants play an active role in industry product innovation in accordance with the development of machinery and technology as well as the emphasis on after-sales service to the consumer. It includes oil monitoring, laboratory facilities, and routine checking, and in House training lubricants and lubrication. Industrial lubricant products used by PT Bumitama Agro Gunajaya includes more than eight superior product Pertamina. The product is Meditran S, Meditran SX, Rored HDA, Masri RG, Turbolube Turalik, chubby, Pertamina, and Pertamina FG-HO (Foodgrade) i.e. Special lubricant for food processing industries in Indonesia and is the only lubricant that is certified kosher in Indonesia.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Revealed! Full specification Zenfone 4

It could be that the presence of the latest cell phone Asus already neared. Because after the ranks of variants are revealed, now turn the full specifications in circulation. As is known, some time ago the Asus inadvertently divulge if Zenfone 4 will come in four variants. All four variants of yesteryear include ZenFone 4, ZenFone 4 Selfie, ZenFone and ZenFone Pro 4 4 Max. The lapse of a few days, one of the new Asus mobile variant appears on the site GFXBench. The phone is called Zenfone 4 Z01K ZE554KL coded. From here well know, Asus equips the successor Zenfone 3 630 Snapdragon processor that combined the use of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. While the landscape screen reaches 5.5 inch with full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). Turning to the camera, this variant comes with a single camera body in tow. ASUS pin-sized sensor 12 MP. While the front of the camera have a 8 MP sensor. As its power supply, battery mAh 3,300 ready answer user activity.
Speculation around price followup is present. With these specifications, Zenfone 4 would be appreciated around USD 590 or reached Rp 7.8 million (USD 1 = Rp 13,300). The price is quite high when looking at the specifications on offer.